Fieldheads Logo

Fieldheads Coffee Roaster wanted a new look for their product line, as well as their coffee shop. They wanted their branding to reflect the outdoors and stunning beauty of their home.

Quel Designs

Bigfork, Montana


Heavens Peak is an icon in Glacier National Park, near Fieldheads. The mountain has a very distinct shape & is very prevalent along the famous Going to the Sun Road. A beast to summit, and one of Fieldheads owners favorite peaks.

The shape of the logo was inspired by the beautiful river rocks in the streams & rivers of Montana. These ‘wishing stones’ have a legend surrounding them. If you find one and wish upon it, then throw it as far as you can, your wish will come true.

The style of the mountain lines was also inspired by topography maps, where varying shaped lines are used to show elevation.

Extended branding includes more nods to the rugged landscape of Montana

“Julianna was a fantastic addition to our Quel team. I worked with her closely on multiple projects as her project manager. Each project she worked on, she nailed. She’s extremely talented, organized, detail oriented, creative and proactive.

I would work with her again in a heartbeat!”

– Sonesta Josephson, Quel Designs Project Manager