The Bashful Baker

Courtney initially reached out looking for a website, but when she realized I could help elevate her entire brand she was in!

Freelance Customer


After our initial meeting Courtney sent info on the look and style she was going for, I created a few mood boards. One was on trend with her current style & a wild card, with a look I felt fit her brand. She chose the wild card.

After her rebrand, Courtney started receiving quite a bit of press, and she’s not sure what she did right, but she was consistent with her social & she feels like her updated visuals took her brand to the next level.

“I reached out to Julianna when I was too inundated with ideas to make a decision. I knew my brand needed a cohesive look, but graphic design was past my abilities.

I have admired Julianna’s work throughout the years as a graphic designer, and have always felt that her design is fresh and clean, no matter the color palette or fonts chosen.


I knew I would be happy with whatever way we went. The mood boards were a delightful experience, I poured over each one as I thought about my ideal customer and how I wanted my brand to be interpreted. Whenever another email from Julianna came in, I would be giddy to see the marvelous work she had created to show me. The whole process from start to finish was seamless.

3 takeaways on why Julianna fit my graphic designer choice:

1. Woman-owned business, new mama.
2. Consistently incredible (flawless) work.
3. An ear that hears what the customer wants, and a designer’s eye and intuition to know how to pull it all together.
I have had numerous recipients remark on how incredible the branding is, and they have turned around and purchased for someone else because they were so blown away at how put together everything was.

When I get these messages, it’s such a confirmation that hiring Julianna was the best decision I could make for my new business, so early on in the process. Thank you so much for your expertise Julianna!”

-Courney, The Bashful Baker

Creating Confidence in the Kitchen.

The Bashful Baker started when Courtney realized she didn’t really know her way around the kitchen, as she baked more she gained confidence, but she wants to help other people gain confidence in their own kitchens with her all-inclusive baking kits & easy instructions.